Vancouver / North America

Beth is a Chartered Professional Accountant, a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Metronome United 3HAG Strategic Coach who focuses on growing both the company and the people who are the heart and soul of the organization. She believes that having a growth mindset and building a trusted strategic execution system will result in faster growth and predictable results.

- Executive one on one coaching
- Growth strategy and execution
- Financial systems forecasting and cashflow
- Team cohesiveness and development

- Building Trust, Self-Awareness and Breakthroughs that lead to results.
- Coaching teams to improve both top line and bottom-line results.
- Coaching teams to create predictable forecasts that tie to their strategy
  and help them understand the importance of cash and how they can
  improve cashflow.

- Certified Executive Coach – International Coaching Federation (ICF)
- Certified Metronome United Strategic Coach
- Chartered Professional Accountant - CPA, CMA
- Certified Professional Behavior and Values Analyst
- Trained Facilitator

- Co-Founder, former CFO and Director of a company operating in the
  Alberta Energy Sector
- Key member of the leadership team working with Metronome United’s
  Founder Shannon Susko at both of her companies.
- CFO of over 5 early-stage companies helping to raise capital and
  implement growth plans

Beth is passionate about helping companies achieve their vision and their Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG).  Her unique ability is to help CEO’s and entrepreneurs to improve the way they “count their beans” and also help them to “grow their beans faster”.

Her Growth Through Trust Program will help companies create and execute a unique strategy they can trust to make the right decisions to grow with speed and confidence.  The program will focus on:

  • Trusted human systems
  • Trusted strategic systems
  • Trusted execution systems
  • Trusted cash and profit systems

As a Certified Executive Coach (ICF) Beth helps business leaders, teams, and individuals to uncover blind spots and create breakthroughs that will lead to results.  Beth is also a Certified Professional Behavior and Values Analyst and will help you to understand your behavioral and communication style (your How) and your motivating drivers (your Why).

Prior to founding Sprout Advisors, Beth spent 25 + years as a financial executive (CPA, CMA) and entrepreneur and has worked with many companies across a wide variety of industries to help them create unique strategies, raise capital, and implement growth plans to achieve their vision.  As a member of the leadership team working with Metronome United’s founder Shannon Susko, she experienced firsthand how the Metronome United Strategic Execution System will help to scale a business, create value and lead to a successful exit.

Leveraging that experience, she co-founded a successful commercial services company operating in the energy sector in Alberta giving her a deep understanding of what it takes to operate a business as both an owner and a leader.