Florida-Based, Southeastern US, NY and DC Metros

Cheryl Biron has a proven track record of growing her own company, One Horn Transportation (25x) and coaching CEO+Leadership Teams to achieve their business growth goals so they can live their vision for their businesses and lives. Her main focus is Family-, Sibling-, Couple-Owned Businesses. Cheryl builds trust and alignment to create high-performing leadership teams that achieve their Vision for growth.

- 3HAG Certified Coach, including Metronomics
- Scaling Up Rockefeller Habits Certified Coach
- Family-, Sibling-, Couple-Owned Business Growth
- Scaling Entrepreneurial Companies to the Next Level
- Blue- and White-Collar Client Environments

- CEO+Leadership Team Coach
- Aligning and Developing High Performing Leadership Teams
- Building Trust and Breaking Down Silos
- Connecting long-term strategy with day-to-day wins
- Talent Assessment, Topgrading and Succession Planning
- Team Accountability and Empowerment

- The Wharton School MBA
- Cornell University BS
- MBA Exchange Program HEC Paris
- Certified Scaling Up and 3HAG Business Growth Coach

Started in Corporate America running various health and beauty brands
- Became an entrepreneur in 2005 to have more freedom and control over her life
- Grew and scaled One Horn Transportation over 25x in sales
- Extricated herself from One Horn day-to-day and became a CEO+Leadership Team Coach
- Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs
- 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Businesses in North America
- New Jersey's 50 Fastest Growing Companies

Cheryl’s clients come to her when they feel frustrated, stressed, or unfulfilled. Frustrated because their business isn’t achieving its full potential. Stressed because they’ve been growing so fast, they are putting out fires not focusing on strategy. Unfulfilled because they can’t work any harder and are missing out on life with family and friends, neglecting exercise and health. Some also have a hidden fear that their family has built a successful business and don’t want to mess things up with their high aspirations to surpass the previous generation. What they all have in common is they want to achieve significant results, not only financially, but to have a positive impact on others’ lives. They also want to be free to live their vision for their business and life.

Work with Cheryl, an entrepreneur who has walked in your shoes, and live your vision for your business and life, just like she is right now! Her professional calling is CEO+Leadership Team Coaching and personally she loves chasing her wonderful husband and two adult children down black diamond ski slopes in France, scuba diving, golf and travel. Cheryl also speaks French and has lived and worked in France and with French-Canadian clients.