West Coast/North America

 As a coach, Dale offers over 20 years of experience as a founder and CEO.  Entrepreneurial since age 11, he has founded and exited multiple companies including a CPA firm providing outsourced CFO and Controller services to small and mid-sized enterprises.  He values radical transparency, emotional openness, and making lives better by teaching others financial literacy - to be able to think and act like owners.

- Strategic Execution
- Financial Literacy
- Team Coaching & Planning

- Financial Analysis
- Sales Process Design & Documentation
- Family & Household Communications

- 3HAG Way - Certified Coach
- Scaling Up - Certified Coach
- Great Game of Business - Certified Coach

- Consumer Goods
- General Contracting
- Healthcare
- Manufacturing

With a background in financial analysis, a focus on workflow and process design, and a passion to help people think bigger, Dale brings a steady hand in helping organizations achieve both financial growth and cultural excellence.  And, with bigger thinking comes the need to execute - Dale is relentless about connecting big ideas with the small details that make them happen.

 Dale is known for regularly pushing the boundaries of his client's (and his friend's) comfort zones and expanding their beliefs about their personal abilities.  He works primarily with teams - leadership, middle-management, and front-line - on behalf of the CEO to utilize a growth system that gives them tools to grow faster, more predictably, and still have a personal life too.  While growth is always a goal, Dale believes greatness is more important than growth if a choice between the two is necessary.

 With his wife Melina, Dale has a daughter, Samantha, and two sons, Rex and Bradley.  He grew up in the Midwest and his family calls the greater Pacific Northwest home.  You can find them enjoying great food in Seattle or Portland, power boating around the Puget Sound, and enjoying the best wine the region has to offer.