Keith’s success and value to his clients is demonstrated by the longevity of a business roundtable he started for 30 CEOs some 20 years ago and still continues today with a waiting list for eager members to join and attend. These members include representatives from manufacturing, food, logistics, earth moving, Farm equipment and professional services.

Keith’s passion for success for his clients never wanes. A lifelong learner his strategy best expressed - Learn It, Coach It, Change it.

- Leadership
- Management
- Communication
- Sales Management
- Team Performance
- Scaling Up
- Professional Services
- Personal Presentation

- Transformational Leadership
- Management
- Business Development
- Sales Management
- High Performance Team Development

- Commerce Degree
- Marketing (Post Grad)

- Building two companies successfully and exiting
- Founding and building a CEO network roundtable
- Variety of Sales Awards
- Chairman, White Millar, Cook and Canvin (PR), Mel & Syd

Keith Millar Is highly qualified and 3HAG trained Australian coach and advisor to mid-market businesses that have a desire to grow without all the drama normally associated with getting bigger. He relates closely with his clients recalling his own challenges of growing businesses he founded in the past 30 years.

His first being in public relations, when he founded While Millar Cooke and Canvin, a national PR coy with many blue-chip clients such as BHP, National Bank, Mars and Uncle Bens, and the Mining Council of Australia. The second a training company specializing in leadership and management development with companies like Kubota, Komatsu and Mercedes Benz.

Keith for the past 20 years has been consulting, advising and coaching executive leaders and their teams in navigating the fast dynamic of growth. Helping the executives with strategy,
execution and people. Highlighting focus and bringing clarity to the business. Dealing with both small and medium size ($5m-$100m) business which have strong desire for grow growth.

Borrowing from the late Bill Campbell, Coach to Microsoft, Google, Apple and many other companies in Silicon Valley. “Great coaches lie awake at night thinking about how to make you better. They relish creating an environment where you get more out of yourself.”. This sums up Keith’s philosophy.

Keith asks three questions of prospective clients:

- Do you have driving desire to make your future bigger than your past?

- Are you willing to make the necessary changes?

- Are you coachable?