business Sep 24, 2015

As I pull my hockey gear out for my game tonite I realize this is my 20th season in the Whistler Women’s Hockey League.  I have been playing with the same team of awesome ladies who have definitely been part of my “village”  while I grew and sold two FinTech companies from Whistler since 1995. 

These ladies range from 18 years old to 55 years old.  The newest addition to our team this year is Georgia Astle who is a daughter of one of our players.  This is a first mother daughter for our team and maybe the league. Georgia grew up in our locker room on Thursday nights and is now one of our team members.  How awesome!!

I grew up in our locker room on Thursday nites.  We all did. When we were in our 20s we were rushing to get out after the game to get to the bar before it closed.  In our 30s we were rushing out to get home to feed or take care of the kids. In our 40s we liked to hang in the dressing room after the game to have a few beers or proseco (yes – fancy) before heading home.  

These Thursday nites were part of my rhythm. It was part of my balance.  No matter where I was in the world – I made it home for Thursday nite hockey.  This was a habit that made sure I kept my balance, ensured I stayed in touch with my friends, ensured I was in the office on Fridays for my team and home for the weekend with my family.  All of this was in the midst of traveling far too much to grow a global company. 

The camaraderie  of these women was invaluable to me personally.  Especially my line mate Devon Brusse helping me to keep it real and raw even though we were always the snowiest on the bench.  I did not grow up playing hockey or skating.  This was not what it was about – putting yourself out there and forgetting everything else for the moment and laughing a lot.  

For each and everyone of you – who struggle with balance in your busy life – find the outlet.  Its usually right in front of you.  I had no idea how valuable my my “hockey family” would be.  Thanks to all of my team mates of 20 years for being a part of my “village”!!