business Nov 25, 2015

As you may have recently noticed, I’ve been talking quite a bit about the importance of companies knowing their 3HAG (3 Year highly Achievable Goal).

What companies struggle with when it comes to their 3HAG:

  • For many, this process can be quite overwhelming as it requires “gutting” out many aspects of your business, many of which you may not have yet experienced such as forecasting sales and productions costs.
  • Many companies set themselves a 10 to 20 year goal, and while this is a very important thing to do, I quickly realized, through building my companies, that the only way to achieve these goals is by setting smaller foundation blocks to be achieved in the first 3 years of doing business. Doing this sets the foundation and habits required to let any company reach their 10 year goal.
  • Over the last two years, I’ve been coaching a wide variety of companies and I quickly realized that most leadership teams struggle with the exact same problems, most of which revolve around not being able to simply explain their strategy. This is the founding pillar of a successful company and once this has been clearly identified, a major piece of the puzzle has been completed. 

I recently posted a step-by-step guide on how to find your and execute your 3HAG which you can read here. This is a good starting point to understand the importance of taking your company through this process and how best to get started.

The workshop will focus on the following elements of building your 3HAG, which will build confidence in your strategy:

  • Overview of all the elements required to ensure you have a unique strategy.
  • Create your company’s – The Map(External)
  • Create your company’s – The Cash Conversion Cycle Map(Internal)
  • Know your Core Customer
  • Draw your Attribution Framework
  • Define your company’s 3-5 differentiation actions
  • Next Steps

This is a workshop so come ready to roll up your sleeves with your team! We will dig into the key areas of your strategy to create the confidence you need to grow your business.

$495.00 – Regular Admission
$1600.00 – Team of 4

Sign up here and contact [email protected] if you have any questions or feedback about the above.