How Setting Up Your SCORE With A KPFM Helps You Get The Win

growth gutitout habits kpfm Oct 10, 2020

Most CEOs and leaders laugh at me when I ask them what their company’s daily score is and if they are winning or losing. Why? Because they do not have a daily score and they laugh at the reality of being able to do this in their business. They tell me that it’s too hard, that they don’t have the information, and they don’t want to bother. Yet they continue to tell me they are missing their “BUDGET” every month. 

Building a business is a team sport.  If the whole team knows if they are winning or losing on at least a daily basis - better faster decisions will be made to achieve the team goal. We do not play on a soccer team and say “oh darn we lost” when the score flashes up at the end of the game. No, when we play a soccer game - whether you are in a U6 league or masters league or professional league - you are constantly looking at the score and looking at the time left in the game. Why? Because each team member will make...

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