6 KEY STEPS to a REAL PLAN for 2020!!

Do you have big plans for 2020 and beyond for your business?  We all do!  And we make these plan with great intent.  Its early in 2020, only a few weeks in and some of us are already wondering how we are going to achieve our plan.  If you find yourself and/or team in this place here are 6 steps to help put your plan back on track:

STEP 1 - Dream Big – in working with teams large and small – they do not seem to dream big enough.  We need to set a big goal that are 10+ years away.  Jim Collin’s coined this long-term goal – a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL - a BHAG – a 10-30 goal that you don’t need to know who you are going to get there but just that you want to get there.  What is you 10+ Year Goal?  Go ahead GUT IT OUT – just write it down.  If you don’t you won’t ever challenge it or achieve it. 

 Now what does this have to do with your plan for 2020.  A whole lot!  If...

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