95% of the Earth’s oceans remain uncharted. Those who dare to explore, resource or protect the sea need reliable equipment and operational expertise. Enter global leader and marine technology experts AML Oceanographic (AML). Established in 1974, AML helps remove unpredictability from oceanographic operations, both financially and technically while fully functioning in some of the roughest waters on Earth.

In 2012, when Robert Haydock the new owner and CEO returned from a family sabbatical he began the search for a growth firm or coach that could help AML do what AML was doing for global marine operations:

  • Remove uncertainty
  • Accurately track and manage vital data
  • Confidently increase productivity and team efficiency
  • Weather all types of storms without issue

Referrals from CEOs at ACETECH led Robert to Shannon Byrne Susko, Founder and CEO of Metronome United. In 2012, AML began working with Shannon's 3HAG WAY: a strategic growth program. Robert said: 

"Back then, Shannon was the company, and her advice and genuine wisdom are what created what we know as Metronome United today.”

AML and Metronome United have continued working together over the 8 years. Why? The most tangible reason is that AML has quintupled (5x) their revenue since beginning the journey.

Another reason why their growth and partnership has been an ongoing voyage: AML originally engaged Shannon because they assumed there was an issue with their company's "strategy." Robert recalls an early conversation where Shannon advised the problem was about the culture, not strategy:

AML staff inspecting a sound velocity instrument at sea. Photo courtesy AML Oceanographic

"I'd love to work with you and work on your strategy problem, but here's the deal: I guarantee we're not going anywhere unless we deal with another matter, which is culture. A company can have the best strategy in the world, but if the team doesn't engage, you're not going anywhere.”

AML’s culture shift was one of the most meaningful outcomes of working with Metronome United. By utilizing Shannon'sexpertise, AML took a deep dive into their company culture and began to challenge the status quo.

AML began scheduling bi-weekly 3HAG strategy sessions and daily 'huddle' meetings. AML's entire team now had a way to contribute to the company's goals, as well as define their own professional development goals.

As culture tides changed, Robert recalled some unexpected swells: "I remember during early huddles, some employees would stand outside the meeting room with body language that said 'I do not want to be a part of this.' We heard comments like 'We are manufacturing, we don't do this tech stuff.'' Unwavering, Shannon was able to help steady the team's ship and connect them to the proven success and principles behind the framework that ultimately lead to AML's "secret sauce."

What was it? Knowing the core of increased profitability and growth was anchored in the authentic engagement of the entire AML team. The end result? Improved collaboration, camaraderie and communication across formerly disconnected departments. The culture shift resulted in effective, highly-efficient and engaged teams fueled by the principles and processes developed by the Metronome Compound Growth System Framework.

AML staff inspecting a sound velocity instrument at sea. Photo courtesy AML Oceanographic

AML achieved their 3HAG
, but didn't stop there. While Metronome United was increasing AML's revenue and profits, it was also elevating overall employee satisfaction and personal development. All employees are now provided quarterly reviews and career development plans. Daily huddle rooms are now filled, and teams are confidently navigating the 3HAG and shared vision, together using the Metronome Growth Systems Software.

“The Metronome software and technology was the lynchpin in all of this. Knowledge from Shannon was powerful, but we needed her systemized approach and platform to truly utilize it."

Robert added, "People may assume the software platform Metronome provides is just for strategy management, but it's much more. It's a rhythm generator; software with a heartbeat that tells us the who, when and why... but especially the how to effectively work together. It changed everything.”

In 2020, the perfect storm we now know as COVID-19 blended with an unpredictable global economy. AML not only credits Metronome United as the reason they survived... but why they thrived.

"Because of Metronome United, we had all the systems, processes and key pieces in place when the pandemic hit. The rhythm, communication and preparedness for our entire workforce working offsite? A non-event. Our team's willingness to engage in tough conversations? Simple. It's what we do. The willingness to undergo massive restructuring and change in a condensed timeframe? Just how we operate. It was really powerful to witness. I don't see us ever disengaging from Metronome United."

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