Milo’s Tea Company, Inc. (Milo’s) has been creating “Milo’s Moments” for their consumers, customers, and team since 1946. Celebrated across the United States for their fresh brewed, 100% natural iced tea, this family-owned business is rapidly growing with their line of beverages that tastes just like homemade. The secret sauce is not just their tea and lemonade recipes, it is also the company’s authentic approach to growth through their partnership with Metronome United. This partnership led Milo’s to double their revenue in less than 3 years while becoming the #1 refrigerated grocery iced tea brand in the US in 2020.

When Patricia (Tricia) Wallwork became the 3rd generation CEO
of her family’s business, Milo’s was an emerging regional brand
that could still fit their entire team into the same room.

Typical business days ran effectively because the team was always within arm’s reach.

Yet, as Milo’s grew nationally, they determined they needed a strategic plan and drafted one in-house.

Unfortunately, the plan they created sounded good in concept, but in practice it became another piece of paper that sat on a shelf, only to be dusted off a couple of times each year. Tricia knew that Milo’s wasn’t living it or implementing their strategy or goals, so she began searching for external help.

In 2017, Tricia attended a conference in Atlanta where she heard a speech by Shannon Byrne Susko, founder and CEO of Metronome United. Shannon’s words resonated with Tricia, which led her to read Shannon’s first book, The Metronome Effect.

Then as Tricia was in an airport terminal before departing on a trip, she made the call to Shannon. Two months later, in August of 2017, Shannon flew to Alabama and kick-started an exciting relationship with Metronome United.

“My initial expectation was to grow and develop as an individual, as well as have an accountability partner along with the executive leadership team to really make strategy part of our everyday parlance. To make the growth journey easier by making sure everyone knew where our ‘rocket ship’ is going.”

Year one of Milo’s 3HAG focused on the execution system: specifically to set the team up with Metronome Compound Growth System and the software platform while defining their goals.


What was Milo's 3HAG? Initially, their 3HAG, was to become the #2 refrigerated grocery RTD (ready-todrink) ice-tea brand in the USA. At the time, #1 seemed a little too sweet for their first 3HAG so the team settled with #2 and began their process with the Metronome Compound Growth System.

As year two approached quickly, Milo's leadership team realized they were in for a pleasant surprise:

“When we went back and looked at our numbers in the beginning of 2018, we realized we could do better. We had already achieved our 3HAG of becoming the #2 brand! When we rolled into our next quarter and had our strategy meeting with Shannon, we said, ‘No, no… we're actually going to be #1.”

AML staff inspecting a sound velocity instrument at sea. Photo courtesy AML Oceanographic

Along with topping up their 3HAG, Shannon encouraged Milo’s to develop people-centred values before they entered year two. To compliment the values that already existed, Shannon asked Milo’s leadership team to brew on the question ‘what type of person will succeed at Milo's?’ “These new values gave us a clear picture of who would thrive at Milo's. What we call this now internally at Milo's is the Milo's ‘H.A.T.’ - Hungry, Agile, and Together.

Year two for Milo's was monumental, as they leveraged the system's tactics while making sure their teams' understanding and habitual use of the technology platform was strong. But the biggest thing Milo's put in place was the team's core values. Employees began to live by them, not just learn about them. Then, as year three approached, Milo's focused on the required behaviour to grow a company of their size.

“The thing that I like the most about Metronome Compound Growth System is that it is so actionable. They take all these exceptional principles from business thought leaders and concepts from the books we’ve all read, and teach you not just the ‘why’ to do it, but the ‘how’. That's the power of the system. The how-to parts on growth, the process, the plan.“

After sharing moments with millions of Americans, Milo’s is now having their own moment. By Q4 of 2020, this certified zero waste, women-owned business, that pledges 1% of their profits to charity achieved their 3HAG (for the second time) and became the #1 tea in their respective category.

“We definitely have more than doubled our revenue in these three years. We could not have done it without the Metronome Compound Growth System. From decision making to everyday behaviour, we are now exceeding our three-year projected revenue by over 10%. It's exceptionally exciting."

Metronome United Coaches are exceptionally valuable because they provide an outsider’s expertise and perspective that is paired with a system that can proactively point out corners CEOs cannot see around. The system can apply to any type of business to think, operate and grow differently. For Milo’s, it allowed them to reach new heights and exceed beyond their highest goals.

When asked if Tricia could sum up her experience working with Metronome United, she replied in two words: “Mind blown.”

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