If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit Hawaii in the last 30 years, then you’ve likely experienced the world-class restoration work of Metronome’s client: Seal Masters of Hawaii (SMH). Founded over 30 years ago, SMH and sister company Elite Railing and Windows are the top restoration and installation companies for Hawaii’s major condominium, commercial and hotel properties. Their clients welcome millions of visitors annually, which requires their projects to be executed like a dream vacation: with excellent service, on time, on budget, safety compliant and worry-free

With President Joe Miller at the helm since 2008, he has grown both companies to become the top restoration and installation businesses in Hawaii.

As Joe approached his ten-year anniversary, he began researching ways to elevate each company to the next level.
But what exactly is the “next level” when you are already at the top of your industry?

“I had grown the companies as far as I could. I wanted us to work through some of the operational and internal bottlenecks, to be able to grow more easily from inside out.”

SMH was not looking for sales growth; they needed internal optimization solutions. Expenses and processes needed attention while also maintaining their existing revenue to increase overall profitability.

In March 2017, Joe was directly referred to work with Shannon Byrne Susko, founder of Metronome United, and best-selling author of The Metronome Effect (2014) and The 3HAG WAY (2018).

“We recognized we needed internal improvements, massive ones. These improvements are still ongoing, but we now recognize that is where our growth needed to be. We see it in the bottom line and the top line, and since implementing Metronome Growth Systems in 2018, we have achieved exactly that.”

AML staff inspecting a sound velocity instrument at sea. Photo courtesy AML Oceanographic

Like a restoration project, working with the Metronome Compound Growth System set up SMH to solidify the company’s foundation and values, seal communication cracks and productivity leaks, replace unstable structures, and added a genuine warmth and a sense of belonging to the people it housed. Once the team was set up and daily processes had been cemented into SMH’s operations, changes began happening in the team.

“It takes less effort to move things forward with the team now because we are already in a rhythm. The goal, priorities, and the matrix are in the Metronome Growth System’s software. Our road map was already laid out through our quarterly meetings with Shannon, so once we began following it, we really couldn’t fail."

Currently, all leadership and employees are using the Metronome Software daily. “Everybody in the company is in a daily huddle in some shape or form, and in each one, we do three things: good news, a mustdo and one stuck point.”

The software provides dedicated fields for the daily huddles so employees can complete these huddle points before each meeting, which assists in team accountability and collaboration while providing management friendly and passive oversight to keep everyone on track.

As a result of the ongoing internal work with Metronome United, SMH began to redesign, optimize and implement their Key Function Flow Map for their employees, across all departments. Specifically, employees were asked about the key roles they ‘love’ and ‘loathe’.

AML staff inspecting a sound velocity instrument at sea. Photo courtesy AML Oceanographic

“We are now matching ‘loves’ with ‘loves’ meaning for every person who has a ‘loathe’ we will find someone who loves to do that and reassign them. We are creating an environment where employees are happier and more productive because they are really only doing what they love and what they are good at.”

“This is where the real growth came from, recognizing efficiencies from within, which resulted in significant increases in gross profit and net income. This is exactly what we were after through working with Metronome United.”

"Year one was understanding. Implement the system and how it works. Year two would be the utilization. Beginning to use it regularly and how it actually benefits the team by giving structure to where we're headed and what we want to do. Year three was massive growth into a deeper use of Metronome Systems and utilizing the software."

Through the dedicated work of SMH’s team and the support and guidance of Metronome United, company profitability is at an all-time high.

Riding the wave of this internal success, SMH is now re-investing in their team by developing an employee education program called the “Seal Masters University.” Every function and service SMH provides is being recorded on video, with audio instruction and training. New and existing employees will be provided robust education and skills training to maintain SMH’s high level of service excellence service as they continue to grow, from the inside out. In closing, Joe shared the following:

“I highly recommend the Metronome Compound Growth System. If you use it daily as a habit, you will improve whatever it is you're working on. You will meet whatever goal it is that you are trying to achieve. The system works, and it can work anywhere for any type of company.”

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