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Metronome United trains and leads elite business coaches all over the world. Metronome United coaches are certified in the framework of systems that is proven to grow companies with confidence and fun!



" I wanted to become a 3HAG Coach to obtain a deeper understanding of the repeatable 3HAG System, so I can better help my clients 10x their businesses, while enjoying the ride. "

Cheryl Biron

"I’ve become a 3HAG certified Coach to help Entrepreneurs and their leadership teams scale their mindsets, businesses and teams to achieve their passions, enjoy the ride and make the world a better place! "

Lisa Foulger

"I have always loved learning and taking best practices that I learn to my clients for them to implement. Shannon's 3HAG methodology is proven, in two of her own companies, and many other businesses around the world. It leverages all the work I have already been doing with clients, and helps them to gain further clarity and confidence in their 3 year strategic thinking."

Doug Diamond

"To help companies execute on their strategy faster."

David Chavez

"The outcome of working with Shannon Susko has been extraordinary. I highly recommend my peers to implement the 3HAG System with their clients as they will see the great difference it makes instantly."

Monica Zavala

"Shannon and the 3HAG community have helped me take my learning, my coaching practice, and the value I add for clients to a level I never thought was possible."

Mike Goldeman

"3HAG is the most complete, easy to follow, fast and fun system I have ever worked with. My clients reach an unimaginable level of strategic clarity, focus and confidence. All in less time than ever before!"

Max Kozlovsky

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