Shannon Susko

CEO & Founder

Shannon Byrne Susko has spent over 25 years building, iterating, and innovating what we now know as METRONOMICS, a system utilized by hundreds of coaches and thousands of companies of all sizes all around the world. METRONOMICS is the “silver bullet” that will grow up your company and get you there with speed, ease, and confidence.

Shannon is also the author of bestselling business books, 3HAG WAY (2018) and The Metronome Effect (2014), and is she is the founder and CEO of Metronome United, a community of more than 50 global coaches who use the METRONOMICS system every day to create lasting impact for their clients, teams, and communities.

Shannon has over 25 years of experience leading high-growth global companies. Her technical expertise is coupled with extensive sales, marketing and operations experience.

Her personality colour is red, and greatest Gallup strength is “achiever.”

Keith Upkes

Sales & Coach Success Lead

Keith is located in Camas, Washington, USA. His education and background is in finance and accounting where he has 25 years of experience as a corporate CFO. Keith has spent the last 18 years as a Business Coach and highlights the value of confidence; he loves watching coaches gain theirs.

“I remember when I lacked confidence and how it felt when I finally gained my confidence and momentum.”

His personality colour is red, and his greatest Gallup strength is “discipline”. Keith loves to travel to Hawaii, it is his absolute favourite place to visit.


Lead Support Specialist

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Hannah holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a Specialization in International Business from the University of Victoria. Hannah’s favourite part of her job is meeting and working with coaches from all around the world. In her spare time, you can find Hannah climbing, mountain biking, skiing, or cooking. Her personality colour is green, and her top Gallup strength is “futuristic.”


Digital Marketing Specialist

From Truro, Nova Scotia, Leigha brings to Metronome her wealth of knowledge holding a Marketing Management, Bachelor of Commerce with Co-op from Dalhousie University. As a digital marketer, she loves copywriting and reading and is a self-proclaimed data geek. In her free time, you can find her skiing, running, online shopping, and cooking. And watching Netflix... educational documentaries of course! Her top Gallup strength is “strategic”, and her personality colour is green. 

Benoit  Bourget


Ben has been with Metronome Global since the beginning as one of the 2 Co-Founders. He is from Lévis, Quebec, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

Professionally, he is most interested in functional programming. Outside of work, he enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and video editing.

His top Gallup strength is “Achiever,” and personality colour is blue.

Hilco Wijbenga

Software development manager

Hilco is from Veldhoven, Netherlands. He holds an MSc Mathematics and boasts over 20 years of experience as a software developer.

At work, he is passionate about functional programming and learning new programming languages. Actually, scratch that. He is always passionate about those. In his free time, he loves board games, and the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

His personality colour is red, and his top Gallup strength is “Learner.”

Mara Glouberman

Customer success

A Whistler resident, Mara has been at Metronome for over 3 years. Mara works with clients and coaches to help them reach their full potential and achieve success, both in using our platform and in the system overall.

She leads an active lifestyle and loves being outdoors. She can be found skiing, biking or hiking when outside of work.

Her personality colour is green and her top Gallup strength is “Responsibility.”

Yuan Xu

Software developer

Yuan comes to Metronome from LinYin, Mainland China. His background is in software development, and he went to the University of British Columbia and holds a BSc in Physics and Computer Science. Coding and golfing are his favourite hobbies.

His personality colour is green, and his #1 strength is “Learner.”

Julie Nash

Customer success

Julie lives in Whistler and works for Metronome in customer success. Originally from Prince Rupert, British Columbia, you can find her skiing, surfing, biking, and hiking when she’s not speaking with our clients and educating them.

Julie’s personality color is yellow and her greatest Gallup strength is “Relator”.

*To find your own personality colour, you can take this personality Colours Assessment here.