Since 1992, Office Practicum (OP) has been connecting the community of pediatricians with their patients to foster best practices and help millions of people lead healthier lives. In this case study we will discuss how through implementing the Metronomics system and software, OP was able live their core purpose of “It’s time to innovate health!” by uniting their leadership team and scaling as global pandemic hit in early 2020.

Early in 2019, Kraig Brown became the CEO of OP and was immediately recognized for his data-driven and growth approach to leadership. In supporting Kraig’s vision for scaling OP, Alisa Vaughn, VP of Operations and Meredith Cheryba, VP of Sales and Marketing attended this case study interview to share more about OP’s overall experience working with Metronome United and coach Damian Byrne.

“When I became CEO, we were in a windstorm of business challenges. We had a great deal of transition to work through as the founders were moving to new roles and I had a new executive team. We needed a way to quickly prioritize the business, and help crossfunctional teams calibrate with consistency progress on key initiatives.” –Kraig Brown, CEO

Kraig sought a solution to introduce a proactive, data-driven, and innovative structure with predictability for each team.

“Another area we needed to ensure happened had to do with ensuring each box in the organization had a definitive understanding of what success looked like for them. We had mastered communicating in crisis, but were needing a way to link success at the individual and team levels and avoid the drama and conflict that comes with competing desired outcomes. So we were looking for a solution that allowed priorities, and targets to be inclusive of each contributor." – Kraig Brown, CEO

Once the new executive team was ready for a challenge, Kraig reached out to Shannon Byrne Susko through LinkedIn to inquire about working together. Shannon was excited about the work OP was doing and was able to refer OP to Metronome United’s 3HAG (3 Year Highly Achievable Goal) certified Coach Damian Byrne. Kraig's plan was to organize the team in a way to ensure everyone had confidence in the vision of OP and could understand the strategies needed to achieve it.

"When we began to work with Damian to implement the first parts of the Metronome system, it gave us new structure and alignment across the board. We, and our team members, could see the organization's short, mid, and long-term goals and the priorities and actions it would take quarter over quarter to succeed.

The system has been successful two years in as it provided the transparency needed to foster an accountable organization that understood the importance of supporting one another to achieve the shared vision and goals of the organization.” - Alisa Vaughn, VP of Operations

As the Metronome system (Metronomics) was implemented in OP’s leadership level, the fallout of the pandemic was concurrently causing businesses across North America to close or limit services. As a result, OP’s clients saw in-person clinician appointments drop by 70%. It was clear to that if their clients weren’t able to see their patients and pay their bills it was up to them to find a solution.

“The metric visibility is what I love the most about the Metronome system, because it gives us a real sense of predictability, rather than waiting to hear updates from our client-facing teams. When we saw in person appointments decline, we could predict where other areas of our business and our clients' business were going to struggle. We had visibility to see everything, from marketing leads to cash flow and collections, and could adjust accordingly.” – Meredith Cheryba, VP Sales & Marketing

To innovate solutions for pediatricians’ operational and financial challenges due to COVID-19, OP developed and launched multiple new features and tools within a matter of days.

One tool was called Curbside Arrival, which allowed patients to socially distance instead of gathering in waiting rooms for appointments. Patients could communicate with their clinics from their vehicle, issue payments, confirm arrival and then could be directed straight to an exam room upon entry.

AML staff inspecting a sound velocity instrument at sea. Photo courtesy AML Oceanographic

“By going through our first planning session with our 3HAG coach we quickly organized our strategy and execution planning, and felt confident we achieved the objective. Three months in, COVID-19 hit and we had an immediate need to pivot our plan and quickly build a new path due to the rapidly changing state and national mandates; and we needed to move to a completely virtual company.

We now had a system that allowed our teams shift gears with clarity into our new priorities, and actually manage a very difficult process. Metronome made operating in a global health crisis manageable. I honestly don't know how we would have done without it." – Kraig Brown

Since implementing in December 2019, OP’s has continually met their quarterly targets, and are now exceeding revenue projections by 20%. When asking the group how they would recommend

Metronomics and the suite of services and software, Kraig responded: "I can't imagine working with a company that doesn't have a complete system like Metronome United has provided us. I 100% recommend Metronome to anyone looking to really see their business from the inside out and to give their teams the tools to persevere through any storm.”  Kraig Brown


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