Metronome CEO Roundtables

To utilize the 3HAG WAY Framework and MGS to help CEOs to implement Growth System in their business
Metronome United runs Monthly CEO Roundtables during which 3HAG Coaches (link to 3HAG Certified Coaches page) work with leaders from various companies (revenue 0 to $10+) and discuss diverse topics related to the efforts of scaling up their businesses.
Purpose: To help CEOs grow themselves, their team and their company. To drive their 3HAG and impact their lives.

Goal: To Grow Your Companies and Have Fun Doing It!


Launching in May 2020
Location: Virtual or in person Vancouver, BC
PURPOSE: To help you, as a CEO to thrive by growing yourself, your team and your business; “to positively impact your life and provide support”
WHAT: Moderated Roundtable Training – Using a proven growth system, the Metronome United Growth System Framework and the MGS platform to help you implement the 3HAG WAY Strategic Execution System in your business.
FOR: Female CEOs of growth companies from $250K Revenue to $5M 

The Roundtables

- Help support participants to grow their companies with confidence and ease

- Offer a space for leaders to share any successes and challenges they may be going through

- Provide valuable feedback and advice from a 3HAG Coach and other participants.


Structure: Monthly half/full day meetings plus a one-hour monthly coaching call.

Any CEOs who strive to grow their company effectively are welcome to join our roundtables! 

Are you interested in finding out more and joining a Roundtable? Please fill out the form below and a member of Metronome United team will contact you shortly.



Please fill out the form below and a member of Metronome United team will contact you shortly.





“The energy the roundtables bring is really important.” Brett Youngberg, CEO at SeeVirtual Marketing & Photography


“You can raise in confidence, share issues and problems you are having, get good feedback…it’s a trusting place.” Joshua Rottenberg, President at Computrol


“Every month I have learnt something new about real processes and frameworks.” Chris Goward, Founder & CEO at Widerfunnel


“One of the things that the roundtables bring, they allow you to see things that you cannot see yourself.” Matt Dion, CEO at Mintent


“I highly recommend Shannon – she brings the roundtable to a different level.” Darrel Hadden, President at Graphically



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